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APA reports 49 minutes per day per employee
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APA Reports 1% to 8%, 3% is typical
Human Error Monthly$
APA Reports 1% to 8%, 3% used
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Infinity Platforms TIME Monthly Cost$
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Monthly Savings TIME
Yearly Savings$
Monthly Savings TIME X 12

Built for bringing teams together!

With the HQ Platform Time Cards feature, employees can clock-in at their job station, or from a mobile device. A photo ID is taken on clock in and out. In addition, geo-fencing allows you to know where your employees are clocking in. There is even a work safety feature – by punching out, the employee can confirm whether or not he/she got injured.  If they select “yes”, a few questions must be answered before completing the clock-out.

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HQ Platform Features

A single all in one platform.


Immediately, all the information you need. Quickly check the status of your financials, attendance or events that need your attention.


Real time project overview, workforce distribution & job costing, attendance charts, manpower roster, asset management & more.


All HQ data is available for you to export and custom reporting is made available instantly on anything you need to see.


Setup your budgets to keep track of your project progress, directly correlate job costing from your estimated budget to the clock-in usage by your workforce & live cost to complete analysis.


Employees can clock-in with photo ID & geo-fencing capabilities at the job station. Our work safety feature can confirm whether or not an employee got injured on the job.


Projects (or clients) are set up here with project details.  Also, sub sites can be entered for each project with job meetings and contacts. You can specify preferred technicians for your clients.


This is your dispatcher workhorse where work order/task creation and scheduling is held. Remote dispatch, field team notifications and so much more.


Skill set evaluations and development tracking, attendance log and vacation days tracking, job costing usage with accounting and payroll sync and so much more.


Overlook all your company assets with QR Code printing and scanning capabilities, the ability to add photos of assets, set warning dates, add repair notes and sort by asset and job site.

HQ Patient Portal

HQ Patient Portal, a cloud-based resource management platform, provides your medical team with instant accurate answers with the touch of a finger.

A Better Way to Process Payroll

Save money through automation by eliminating the human error that goes with processing payroll from spreadsheets or paper time cards.

A Closer Look at HQ

HQ on the field...

Our powerful, customizable HQ Platform is here to save you valuable time and money as you streamline management and growth of your company. Check out this video and see how easy it is to use our Time Card features on the field.

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HQ App

Did you know we have an app?
HQ by Infinity app is available for iOS and Android,
on Apple, as well as a web-based platform

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