Be in Control at All Times with HQ Platform’s Scheduling Tools

Knowing your teams’ capabilities and scheduling them accordingly is crucial to the successful growth of your business. Whether at the job site, office or at home – effective scheduling, in real-time offers enormous benefits. Save time and money as you navigate through each work project or in the daily scheduling of your team. Stop juggling employees, equipment, and vendors and start taking control with HQ Platform’s software system and scheduling tools. 

  • Project Timelines: By integrating employees and data, you can effectively plan and manage every step – from start to completion, in one platform. Automated alerts and reminders help to keep everyone on schedule. Monitor progress, acknowledge accomplishments, identify upcoming bumps, avoid roadblocks, and make immediate timeline adjustments. 
  • Unexpected Situations: Instantly respond to the unexpected! Time, date, location, or priorities can change – no problem. Immediately adjust scheduling to accommodate the unexpected. A change or notification will be sent to your entire team on their mobile device – prevent down-time and promote productivity.
  • Communication: Having an easy to use, accessible communication tool – in real time, helps keep everyone on track to successfully meet budgets and deadlines. Push notifications deliver critical messages to your team throughout the day – anywhere they are.

Building a job schedule has never been easier or more effective with HQ Platform. Our mobile app allows you to quickly place or move an employee or an entire team to a specific location. Employees can easily check their schedules throughout the day, or in the days or weeks to come. 

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