HQ Patient Portal Provides Medical Teams with Instant Accurate Answers, Simply with the Touch of a Finger!

It’s all about providing patients with the compassionate and accurate care they deserve, along with allowing medical teams to maximize their efforts. Eliminate frustrating paperwork and data gaps, locate missing files, track down employees and avoid unnecessary phone calls or duplication of data.

HQ Patient Portal is a cloud-based resource management platform, in which all patient information is stored securely, easily updated and accessible. A simplified solution for remote employees to dispatch, manage, and track their daily tasks and jobs.

Enormous Benefits for all with HQ Patient Portal. Information is available on any smart device:

  • Data: Link the right data to the correct patient.
  • Delegate: Jobs are instantly dispatched to the correct team member for the correct patient, with all documents and forms needed for patient care.
  • Export Data: Immediately export data and customize reports.
  • Fast and Easy Clock-in and Out: Employees can clock-in and out with photo ID and geo-fencing capabilities at the job station.
  • Work Safety Feature: Confirms employee injuries on the job.
  • Status Updates: Quickly check the status of financials, attendance or events that need your attention.

With HQ Patient Portal technology, you can empower providers to connect with patients in a whole new way – vital to quickly customizing and tracking patient progress. Everyone wins – patients, providers, and patient/provider relationships.

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