HQ Platform’s Tips to Reclaim Time

It’s amazing how fast the day seems to go for some, and drags on for others. Regardless, the day must be productive, allowing you and your team to achieve or even surpass goals – without wasting time.

If your to-do list has not been done or if you’re missing deadlines, then it’s time to take a good look at some of the reasons why – such as repetitive (often boring) tasks, unnecessary meetings, too many distractions, and even multitasking.

Let HQ Platform help you reclaim time – especially if you’re in the construction, electrical, and plumbing industries, or running production plants and factories.

Mind-Blowing Statistics

According to various surveys and statistics:

  • Less than 60% of work time is actually productive.
  • Frequent distractions at work can cost US businesses an estimated $650 billion per year.
  • Once distracted at work, it takes 23 minutes to refocus after a distraction.

Fortunately, HQ Platform provides businesses with an automated, all-inclusive software system to help employees utilize their skills and engage in tasks to maximize productivity, as well as improve employee-employer relations. Basically, everyone wins! Reclaim time and make every minute count!

  1. Let your skilled employees do what they were hired to do. You’ve assembled a team of professionals, each possessing certain skills to help your company thrive. Do not waste employees’ time by having them do tasks that can be accurately and easily accomplished with HQ Platform’s automated options. From manual timecards to the dreaded writing up of the day’s completed tasks… time can certainly be better spent – making you money and having employees feel a greater sense of accomplishment.
  2. Less Meetings – More Productivity! Some businesses have weekly in-person team meetings to review upcoming projects, discuss inventory, scheduling, etc. Unfortunately, according to recent surveys, many employees feel that meetings occur too often, are poorly run and prevent them from completing their work. While meetings are essential, many can be eliminated by having the information at employees’ fingertips – at all times, with HQ Platform’s software system. Less employee complaining, less wasted time and more focused, undisturbed productivity.
  3. Preventing distractions saves time. While distractions come in many forms, there are some distractions that can be eliminated with tools provided by HQ Platform. Your team will have access to all project details. They will not be distracted or distract others to search for information. In a recent poll conducted by Udemy and Toluna, reducing workplace distractions can increase workers’ productivity, motivation, confidence, and overall happiness. Let us help you eliminate unnecessary conversations, emails and stacks of paperwork.  
  4. Multitasking does not always generate multi-benefits. While some people may be able to successfully multitask, others may not. Focusing on one task at a time, usually generates a better outcome. Working with HQ Platform, allows employers to clearly target specific tasks for each employee, without having multiple tasks – sometimes done by multiple people. Job descriptions are clearly identified and monitored. Once again, a win-win in time management for everyone.

Reclaim time by determining how and why time is being lost. That’s where we come in. HQ Platform can easily guide you through technological options to secure the best choice for your business, with our Full Implementation Support and state-of-the-art technological solutions.

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