Schedule & Dispatch

Build a job schedule and notify employees simply and easily. Mobile app enabled scheduling allows you to move employees around where they are needed most. Employees may check their schedules daily, weekly, monthly or for as far in advance as you have scheduled them. You can schedule entire teams at once and have employee job tasks change as needed.

Scheduling Employees

Employees can use the mobile app to see which job site they are working at and what specific tasks they will be doing.

  • Your dispatcher workhorse
  • Work Order/Task creation and scheduling
  • Remote dispatch – Assign tasks to field technicians
  • Field team notifications – tech gets notified of newly assigned work orders
  • Client notifications – tech can instantly notify the client that he’s on route and include real time location for better tracking
  • History tracking and log – for clients and equipment, to help streamline future deployments and/or interventions.
  • Document attachments – allows you to attach schematics, drawings, manuals or any other documents that your field tech might need for the intervention.
  • Service checklists
  • On screen signature – client signature required for WO to be closed and processed in the office. No changes can be made once the client signs.
  • Service log
  • Invoicing